Thursday Throwback: “I’ve Seen Better Days”

You know, I’ve never actually heard this song on the radio or seen the music video, but for a while it was inescapable.  There was a time when it seemed as though “I’ve Seen Better Days”  was playing over the last scene of every movie and TV show.

Some people insist this song is by Sublime.  It isn’t.  Those people probably illegally downloaded songs with the wrong artist information.   Moreover, “I’ve Seen Better Days” is from Citizen King’s 1999 album Mobile Estates.  In 1999 Bradley Knowell, lead singer of Sublime, had been dead for three years and not replaced yet.

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One response to “Thursday Throwback: “I’ve Seen Better Days””

  1. Mars Will Send No More says :

    Thank you for setting the record straight!

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